Gagarin Way – 2016

Gagarin Way is a gritty piece of contemporary Scottish writing which takes us to places we probably don’t want to go. The play is complex, hard-hitting and far from pleasant. It is “funny” but not “cheery”.

Set late at night in the store room of a factory we discover that thieves lie, idealists may flounder when faced with reality and capitalists are not to be trusted (Who knew any of this?).

Faced with this revelation is violence really the answer? Well for some people it might be…

As is so often the case the key is in the characters, people are multi-layered and behave according to personality, upbringing and circumstance. Eddie, Tom, Gary and Frank are no different.

Directed By: Peter Lerpiniere & DC.

Cast In order of appearance:

Eddie – Ben Foreman
Tom – Matthew Taylor
Gary – Dougal Affleck
Frank – John McEwen


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The Diary Of Anne Frank – 2015

Every Armistice week for the past five years Duns Players have staged a production in November and donated from the proceeds to a war or forces related charity. In November of 2015 we staged The Diary of Anne Frank, the multi award winning play by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett.

One of the most famous and haunting stories of the 20th century the plight of two families hiding for almost two years as seen through the eyes of a young girl feels as fresh and as relevant now as on the day it was written.

At a time when the plight of the refugees of war and the impact of war on families and children fill our screens it seemed fitting that this year we will donate £500 from the proceeds of the show to War Child.

Directed By: Eloner Crawford and Peter Lerpiniere.

Cast In order of appearance:

Otto Frank – John McEwen
Miep Gies – Emma Lindsay
Mr. Kraler – Barry Jones
Peter Van Daan – Barnaby Bevan
Petronella Van Daan – Emma Taylor
Putti Van Daan – Ben Foreman
Edith Frank – Alex Watson
Margot Frank – Rachel Gray
Anne Frank – Susannah McEwen/Maddy Lerpiniere
The Voice of Anne Frank – Eliza Master
Jan Dussell – Jerry Ponder

A review of the show can be found here


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Ladies Down Under – 2015

Duns Players took to the stage in the Volunteer Hall with the sequel to their highly successful production of Ladies Day, “Ladies Down Under”. Flush with their winnings our heroines go “down-under” to meet their former boss and Jan’s new man Joe.

Determined to try it all from Surfer’s Paradise and The Pallazzo Versace to Uluru and the outback the girls encounter all Australia has to offer and in discovering Oz find out a little bit more about themselves and a lot more about each other.

Directed by: Peter Lerpiniere.

Performed by: DC, John McEwan, Shirley Redpath, Christine Sclater, Lynn Gray, Emma Lindsay, Peter Lerpiniere.


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We Will Remember Them – 2014

Performed by Shirley Redpath, Lynn Gray, Ben Foreman, Dougal Affleck, John McEwen and Peter Lerpiniere, and under the directorial hands of John McEwen and Eloner Crawford the evening marked the centenary of the start of the First World War, a war that was supposed to end all wars.

Using selected songs, poems, newspaper reports and witness accounts to try to make human what is to some extent too huge to contemplate ‘The Players’ weaved together the silken threads which tied the rural community of Berwickshire to the events on the world stage.


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Calendar Girls – 2012

Directed by Eloner Crawford & Peter Lerpiniere.

Cast: Helen Forsyth, Lynn Gray, Shirley Redpath, Carol Robson, Christine Sclater, Emma Taylor, Kate Lester, Charlotte Tait, Sarah Aitken, Tim Binney, DC, Barry Jones, and Jerry Ponder.

In September 2012 Duns Players joined thousands of other non-professional theatre groups around the UK in staging Calendar Girls. The play, now pretty well known by everyone, is the touching and heart-warming story of The Ladies of the W.I. who try to raise money for Leukemia Research with a nude calendar.

The production was an outstanding success and on the back of it Duns Players donated over £3000 to charity. The Berwickshire nominated it as their Best Production of 2012.


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