Gagarin Way

Gagarin Way is a gritty piece of contemporary Scottish writing which takes us to places we probably don’t want to go. The play is complex, hard-hitting and far from pleasant. It is “funny” but not “cheery”.

Set late at night in the store room of a factory we discover that thieves lie, idealists may flounder when faced with reality and capitalists are not to be trusted (Who knew any of this?).

Faced with this revelation is violence really the answer? Well for some people it might be…

As is so often the case the key is in the characters, people are multi-layered and behave according to personality, upbringing and circumstance. Eddie, Tom, Gary and Frank are no different.

Directed By: Peter Lerpiniere & DC.

Cast In order of appearance:

Eddie – Ben Foreman
Tom – Matthew Taylor
Gary – Dougal Affleck
Frank – John McEwen