Committee Minutes

Minutes of Duns Players September 3rd 2013

Posted on: Monday, September 9th, 2013

Held at 7.30 pm in the Black Bull pub.

Present:Eloner Crawford, Bob Noble, Nigel Warren, DC, Peter Lerpiniere, John Schofield (chair), Helen Forsyth Matthew Taylor. Tracy Hay, Jerry Ponder (second half of meeting). Apologies Alex Watson.

1. Minutes of last meeting were accepted.

2. Matters Arising: Eloner reported back on the Flodden walk. It was very successful and evocative, and 70 people attended, some not very prepared! 35 completed the walk. The dramatic pieces were excellent and we enjoyed it immensely. Eloner said there will be a film of it hopefully to be shown at Cranshaws village Hall. Bob reported back that the concept was so effective that we should do something like it again. We discussed doing something in Duns to do with its history. Perhaps a dramatised walk for Reivers week or Halloween next year. The committee felt Reivers week initially was a good idea.

3. Present Production Directors report: The Show is 3 weeks away and is proving very hard to learn. The Poster is now up on website and facebook. Posters were collected after the meeting by Eloner and will be distributed. There is a rehearsal in Hugo’s tomorrow which is fully booked. We have had a session with a movement coach. A Voice coach is coming to the rehearsal on 9th and 12th and other performers are welcome to attend. Helen will email people about this. We submitted a revised Budget to Jerry. We need help front of house and we need a stage crew to put it up on Sunday 22nd September. We will need to collect Act one furniture from Borders studio on 20th September and return on 30th. Eloner and John will collect. Return to be arranged. Helen to draw set for Peter and Bob.

One area we had hoped to develop was to use the website to tell the story of the production. We had not been able to do this as the website is hosted on DC’s family’s server and if he was busy we were unable to access it. We discussed how we might develop the website and it was agreed that in order to enable others to access it at short notice it should be hosted on a commercial site. This was agreed in principal. We will pursue this with Mike Stevenson when we meet him next week to help us to put together something more accessible and with higher design content. DC will also look at possible host servers.

4. Wind Farm Application: We approved the child protection policy and were delighted that we have been successful in getting a grant for £3,000. We went through the terms and conditions and signed them. We will send in the signed form this week. Lights and sound equipment can now be purchased. Peter, Eloner and DC to visit Edinburgh and confirm.

5. Future work

Jerry presented the suggestion an Alan Bennett evening. This idea was welcomed and agreed in principle. Jerry and Kate would do a two hander called ‘Miss Protheroe’, Helen would do a ‘Cream Cracker under the Sofa’ and we would ask Holly to do ‘Her Big Chance’.

We talked about touring with this around the village halls. We agreed to five performances around the different village halls. Our suggestions are: Whitsome, Greenlaw, Duns, Coldingham, and one of Foulden,Longformacus, or Coldstream. Bob will create an easy set. We need a producer. John has since volunteered to direct the two single handers, Peter may do the double hander.
Action to check out halls, for 21st and 22nd Feb and 27 and 28th and 1st for availability. Helen will send Tracy the brochure of Village Halls and Tracy will check this out. Since meeting we are now looking at Maltings as well.

Forties night

Peter and Sarah Aitken are planning a night for 9th November. The Borders Big Band will give us 5 piece band as backing for Lynne to sing jazz nos. Lizzie, Holly and Ashleigh will perform as The Andrew sisters. We will show the Borders at War DVD and Maureen is arranging a ration book buffet. Peter will put on an episode of Dads Army followed by some dancing with the Band. Peter is waiting for scripts and wishes to audition asap. Peter will find one that takes little staging. Sarah is managing the cabaret. Maureen is doing buffet and food. The Play will go on about 9pm

Plans for 2014

a) Alan Bennett night February 5 dates see above
b) Spring production Dinner Ladies, and Porridge
c) May Reivers week event. The outdoor walk and story of the town plus humorous readings in the hall.
d) Autumn production To look at a range of scripts including Dancing at Lughnasa.
e) Some readings: Peter and Helen To look at Boston Court readings and other people will be asked to volunteer to coordinate others. Possible dates are: January, Third week in April and midsummer nights reading.
f) November: Eloner would like to adapt War Games and Ben and John S are writing a First World War script. Both options can be considered.

6. Working with High School:

Peter reported on previous discussions about a drama award for the school. The school awarded it without discussion with us and we would really like to ensure that the school is aware what young people do in Duns in Drama outside the school. We have given them the cheque but we need to create a dialogue with the school and to develop a stronger relationship that allows us to become involved in the school. Helen will raise this with John Clarke the headmaster and arrange for John Schofield and Cameron Mabon to develop some ideas about working together, offering workshops, a school play, ways to bring Drama into the school.

7. BBC Community Theatre fund application:

Helen took people through it and it was agreed. She will apply for money for coaching in voice and movement and directors courses at the conservatoire in Glasgow. We will seek approximately £3,000 She briefed them on the opera application. Both applications will include working together.

8. Promoting our work:

As well as improving our website and working with Mike Stephenson of Thinktastic. We agreed to promote audition nights, next years programme, readings, etc through Facebook, emails, newspapers and our website.

9. The Financial report:

Helen will become a signatory but Peter will remain instead of John.
There is £6.037.54 in the bank at present. Helen gave Jerry her budget for the present play. We agreed to purchase the lighting using the grant. We will use our own money for the other items we are seeking. We discussed how we should charge membership. We charge performers £10.00 p.a. and under 18s as £5.00. We will not charge stage crew who never perform.

10. Any other business:

Peter suggested we should create sub committees to reduce the length of the meeting. John agreed to draw up proposals to do this.

There was a letter of thanks from Julie Abbott from Chirnside support base. She asked if we could meet some of the children who will benefit from going to Lion King. Eloner to attend.

Meeting ended at 10.30 pm Long but there were a lot of laughs!!

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