Minutes of Duns Players Committee Meeting: 10th June 2014

Held at 7.30. Black Bull Hotel, Duns.

Eloner, Bob Noble, Nigel Warren, Peter, Helen F

Apologies Alex, Gerry, DC and Hannah, Tracy, John,

The minutes were accepted as a true record.
The event with John McEwen was attended by 20 people and went well.
Peter didn’t contact the pubs as told not to.

Following some discussion of a selection of plays read by Eloner and Peter we decided on the replacement for Replacement for Dancing at Lughasa:

Ladies Day by Amanda Whittington

The cast is four women and one man. It is funny and moving.
Peter will do read through on June17th and audition the following week. Hannah will assist him and the rehearsals will start in late July following Peters return from holiday.

Pieces for Reivers week.

The writers have written their pieces. It was agreed to cancel volunteer hall for Sunday night July 6th and we have booked the Black Bull upstairs.
Peter will organise and give John as a package to do and John will play Pete’s part in John McEwen’s piece. John will do poster. Peter is in Toulouse.
Pete will cancel volunteer hall.

Directors course.

Noone can make that week so we have asked the conservatoire if they might do it. Those interested are John McEwen, Lynn Gray, Hannah, Peter, Alex Watney and Helen and John. Helen will let others know and see if we can ensure we have at a minimum 8 attendees and a maximum of 14.

Armistice Day.

We decided a reading night for armistice, and a montage of images. John McEwen to be asked to coordinate the writing material. We would encourage the use of music, costumed pieces, and perhaps the last episode of Blackadder as a reading. Eloner will work with John M on this. We will need DC to help us.

Ian Ballantyne’s feedback on staging at Volunteer Hall.

Eloner explained that Ian suggested a wide and very deep stage at the bottom of the hall. We would be required to buy new staging and this might be cheaper than adding extra pieces of our present staging. If we get the structure we wanted for Duns Players and it would go round make a proscenium arch but it could move around the hall wherever you want it. Also it was envisaged that a later date, cost allowing, black curtains could be hung down the hall in the future.

Genny Patrick and Jim and Andrew were there. Everyone was very enthusiastic and felt this would help. The first layout was 10k.

Split between three groups… The proposal was 4k from Duns Players which is beyond us at present but we suggest that we ask Wind farm for 5k and we spread the cost between the rest of us. We proposed in the meantime we offer 2k but ask the opera to put up 3k and us 1k this year and then pay them 1k next year. Elloner to talk to Heart for Duns and Helen is to ask for loan from opera of 1k. But the question was asked should we spend this if there is no support from SBC re the retaining of the volunteer hall. How the Heart for Duns decides to move forward is crucial.

New committee members.

Helen and John will stand down due to leaving the area.

Helen will contact the following players to ask them to consider strengthening the committee: John Mcewen, Kate Lester, Christine Sclater, Shirley Redpath and Mike and Celia Hedderwick. The AGM is on August 5th and we booked the black bull for the meeting.

There will be a date for a reading night in August at Boston Court and Peter will organise.

The Readings evening on Anniversaries will be on 17th October and Helen is to book White Swann and to liaise with Arthur.

Update from Heart for Duns

The MOD and SBC have given different messages about their commitment to the hall. SBC have been asked to honour their promise of a sliding scale of costs. There seems to be a bit of a stale mate as SBC are very quiet. We will keep abreast of events. We need to consider whether we need to donate further money to A Heart for Duns next year.


Helen briefed the players about Sister Act which the Opera will perform next April. Singing rehearsals will start in October and a voice coach is already booked to work with singers then.

Peter suggested we plan for next year now. And he suggested Oscar Wilde for next year. It was agreed to discuss this at the next meeting.

Also should we do play readings once a month for anyone who wants to come. This will be an agenda item for next meeting to consider and plan.

We did not agree the date for the next meeting. But we have booked July 8th. Peter gave his apologies.