Minutes of Duns Players October 1st 2013

Held at 7.30 pm in the Black Bull pub.

Present: Peter Lerpiniere Tracy Hay Matty Taylor Helen Forsyth, John Schofield (late), Jerry Ponder Alex Watson, Bob Noble, DC. Apologies Eloner Crawford

1. Minutes of meeting on September 3rd agreed.

2. Matters Arising:

Ian Ballantyne helped us with the sound system and Bob sent him some wine to say thank you.

3. Directors report:

Glengarry Glen Ross went very well. It made a loss but we had some excellent feedback. We discussed whether we could take it to the festival. We know we could lose a lot of money so we are unsure whether to take this forward. It may be considered in the future.

The voice Coach was not a success. It was a good idea, but the person did not deliver. We were glad to see new faces in the audience but also disappointed that some of the regulars who might have enjoyed it didn’t come. We may have overplayed the swearing? Everyone felt it was an excellent production and an amazing learning experience.

4. Wind Farm Grant application:

To date we have spent £2,000 on lights and we have a £1,000 outstanding. We need to discuss lighting stands. DC and Bob will look into this together. Press release for wind farm. Programme had a thank you. John had asked Simon to mention it in the review but will put in a press release for next week. JS.

5. Dads army:

Peter is directing Lady Godiva episode. There are 13 men and 3 women. He will check the episode when it arrives before letting his chosen cast know.
Alex suggested we theme the food around the characters in Dads Army.

The school may be available to do the music for opening of the evening and maybe for some of the show. Songs are now in place for Lynne and the Andrews Sisters. Peter is looking for a singing coach for the girls. We need a harmony arrangement. Alex suggested Karen Thomas. Peter will contact her. Peter asked for some money upfront for the cooking of the ration book supper. They will seek decor and bottles that are period. Looking for £500 for this and uniforms will be £200- £300. He wants to ensure that the feel of the 40s will be really authentic.

Jerry presented his report. There is £7051.09 (minus £500 for Dads Army), in the bank at present. We have made several hundred pounds loss on Glengarry Glen Ross but not a disproportionate amount.

6. Alan Bennett evening:

Tracy to book 7.30pm in each venue and we provide the bar.

Coldstream 23rd
Greenlaw 1st March
Duns 28th February
St Abbs 22nd
Allanton 27th

7. Spring Production:

Dinner Ladies and Porridge subject to rights being available for Porridge, this is yet to be confirmed. The Volly Hall booked

Autumn Production:

Yet to be decided,

Helen still trying to get Cameron Mabon and John Schofield together to discuss working with the High School. She will pursue this.

Peter suggested that Heart of Duns have no income and so we considered should we contribute to their work? Should we donate regularly. We give a percentage of our annual turnover. We agreed that we will give 5% of our annual turnover ( approx £500.00) John and Andrew Lester to discuss. It is not a commitment but will depend on our cashflow and success.

Mike Stephenson suggested a new tone to our website and Peter, John and Helen have seen it. John would like more people to distribute it more widely. He based it on our discussions with him. Helen to widen it and to get some feedback. The website will be hosted in a new place. John to meet Mike Stevenson.

Membership: Jerry said not all players on stage at Glengarry Glen Ross had paid their membership. Jerry will put names on a list who have paid. Directors of Plays will then pursue performers (all performers whether speaking or not) to pay their dues. Jerry needs it for NODA insurance. Jerry to send Helen list of people who need to pay from Glengarry Glen Ross. HF to pursue those people.

8. Any other business:

Peter: John O’Kane offered to sponsor Duns Players. Especially difficult plays that are not likely to cover the cost.

Peter to contact John re what he might be interested in sponsoring.